Nails and Brows

Your hands and feet never take the day off and MD Salon is here to help you take care of them, we offer a range of services to ensure that your finger nails and toe nails become your most valued accessory.

Your brows introduce you before you speak and creating beautiful brows is more than a treatment, it’s an art. Our Brow treatments at MD Salon are making the world a more beautiful place one brow at a time.

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  • Replenishing Manicure - 30min $30.00

    Hydrating and nourishing with sensual skin balms and hot stone pressure point massage, followed by you choice of nail colour.

  • Paradise Manicure - 60min $50.00

    Relax and soak in a coconut milk bath, followed by exfoliation of pure cane sugar infused with essential oils. A warm body butter wrap will deliver instant moisture to revive your hands. Finishing the treatment with our coconut rich lotion massage, followed by your choice of nail colour.

  • Renew Pedicure - 45min $45.00

    Hydrating and nourishing with sensual skin balms and hot stone pressure point massage, followed by you choice of nail colour.

  • Paradise Pedicure - 60min $60.00

    Starting with a coconut cleansing, followed by sugar cane exfoliation, infused with essential oils. A warm body butter wrap is then applied to the feet whilst your legs are massaged with coconut exotic massage oil, followed by your choice of nail colour.

  • Gel Polish Manicure (Shellac) $40.00

    Discover the durability of the 14 day manicure with lasting colour and shine.

  • Gel Polish Pedicure (Shellac) $55.00

    Experience our “Renew Pedicure” with application of our quality gel polish for lasting colour and shine.


For beautiful nails, acrylic or gel extensions may be right for you!

Knowing that your nails look well groomed and polished boosts self-confidence and can make you feel more professional, and confident! While most of us can easily beautify our natural nails - at the salon or at home - many women who wish for beautiful nails have trouble growing their nails, or have weak or brittle nails. For them - and for anyone who wishes to have a chip-proof manicure - nail extensions can be a great solution.

Products used in all Nail Enhancements are Professional and Unique to MD NAIL AND BROW BAR.


  • Full/Set of Acrylic Nails with Tips or Sculptures $65.00

    Includes application of our quality Gel Polish.

  • Full/Set of Permanent French Acrylic Tips or Sculptures $70.00

  • Full/Set French Ombre $80.00

  • Acrylic Infill with Polish Application $45.00

  • Acrylic Infill including Gel Polish Application $55.00

  • Acrylic Permanent French Infill $55.00

  • Acrylic Ombre Infill $60.00


  • Full/Set of Gel nails tips or sculptured including Gel Polish $65.00

  • Full/Set of Permanent French Gel Tips or Sculptures $70.00

  • GEL Infill including Gel Polish Application $55.00

  • GEL Permanent French Infill $55.00


  • Full/Set Colour with Tips $60.00

  • Full/Set French with Tips $70.00

  • Colour Overlay $50.00

  • French Overlay $60.00


  • Acrylic or Gel Removal $20.00

  • Nail Repairs (per Nail) - from $5.00

  • Nail Art (per Nail) - from $5.00

  • Full Set of Nail Art - from $35.00

  • Nail Paint Only $15.00

  • Buff, Shape and Paint Nails $20.00


Eyebrow Treatments


    Threading is an ancient hair-removal technique, practiced for centuries among the most beautiful women of Asia and the Middle East. It is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.

  • Eyebrow Threading $28.00

  • Eyebrow Threading with complimentary Tint $30.00

  • Eyebrow Wax $20.00

  • Eyebrow Design $30.00

  • Lip threading $17.00


    Getting the colour of your eyebrows exactly right is key for stunning eyebrows.​
 All our brow artists are experts and will customize your eyebrow shade to suit your hair colour. There are over 25 different shades and tones we can mix for you from ash blondes to warm and cool brown and blacks. In short the perfect tint for your brows!

  • Eyebrow Tint $15.00

  • Eyelash Tint $22.00

  • Henna Brow Tattoo $49.00

    Brow Henna is a natural dye made from henna, an ancient plant that has a rich history of being used for cosmetic colouring purposes spanning thousands of years. Today, Brow Henna is a best seller for eyebrow colouring as it not only boasts vivid and rich colour, but also offers unique health benefits by helping to restore weak and damaged hair follicles. Brow Henna lasts up to 4 weeks.

  • Mini Eye Makeover Package $50.00

    Brow Shape/Design + Brow and Lash Tint.

  • Eyelash Lift $75.00

    A lash lift involves using a specially fitted silicone pad that the lashes are lifted over using a perming solution. This ensures that the lashes are lifted from the root, making them look longer and framing the eye more effectively. Due to this, the result is a subtle, natural looking curl to the lashes that opens up the eyes. The treatment generally lasts between 30-60 minutes. In addition, the process doesn’t hurt at all, in fact, many people find it relaxing! You can expect your results to last between 6-8 weeks, during which the lash lift treatment will offer you extreme beauty convenience.

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